Serfrigo can build what the costumer needs, by following his wishes to the letter and first of all by providing the EPC service, which means Engineering, Procurement and Construction.


Serfrigo develops in-house the complete design of what the customer requested, thanks to a team of dedicated engineers. Serfrigo can produce customized solutions, thanks to the technology and competence of the specialists working for the company.


From the purchase of materials to the assembly, each phase is followed carefully. The selected products are top quality and the assembly is monitored at each stage.


It then goes to the final construction of what the customer requested, following current regulations and construction standards, on which the company is always up to date. A team of professionals develops products and services with the latest technology, for the most complete satisfaction of the customer’s needs.


Serfrigo provides expediting services: consulting or project delivery services, with monitoring on behalf of the client of the contract supplier’s construction process, control of contractual delivery times, control of the project’s specific qualities, follow up of technical documentation, speed up approvals/comments on the documentation issued by the supplier.


Checking and control of the delivery times of materials, of the progress and the quality level of the suppliers. Serfrigo schedules tested delivery times, making sure that everything follows the necessary procedure.

Supply Management

Serfrigo monitors each shipment passage and quality check on behalf of the client.

Inspection QA/QC

Serfrigo is in charge of quality control to verify that everything is in accordance with standard procedures, taking charge of the delivery only when everything reflects the required quality levels.


Among the services offered by Serfrigo there is also commissioning, which means ascertaining that the system works like the client requested.


Every single component is checked and tested by Serfrigo. More specifically: the compilation of the energizing systems’ check sheet, loop control and running test of the components, pressure test and leaking air ducts test, water circuits and refrigerants circuits, testing, balancing the air duct systems, building integrity testing, functional logic control, commissioning procedures, handover and training on the HVAC plc. control operating systems. When the documents are compliant, Serfrigo commissions the system’s production and follows its realisation until testing occurred.

Service & maintenance

Serfrigo provides a maintenance service aimed at the proper functioning of the plant, with a team of highly skilled technicians. They are located in the five continents where Serfrigo is structured with operational technical bases, ready to solve any kind of failure or improper operation by providing spare parts and all kinds of solution.

Start Up

Serfrigo can handle the start up of plants by carrying out performance checks and compiling documents compliant with current regulations.


Energy Efficiency

Serfrigo has developed specific expertise in energy efficiency for businesses. It currently works for important companies offering maintenance services and remote monitoring. It also controls system performance in real time, in order to carry out troubleshooting on site or remotely.

Technologies and Regulations

Sefrigo is at the centre of a network of high profile companies and professional bodies with which it has developed high standards of collaboration and reliability, particularly in the sector of high efficiency cooling technologies and machinery. Thanks to its partners, Serfrigo is constantly up-to-date on regulations and financial incentives for interventions in the high innovation and efficiency sector.